Hemp extract. Empowered by Liposomes.

Phytocannabinoids are lipid soluble compounds. Such compounds are in general not available to our bodies; that means that absorption is far from optimal. Due to their potential effects, it’s not enough just to pack them in a capsule or dissolve them in oil. They are too precious to neglect the way they are absorbed and how they behave in our bodies


Unmatched absorption

In our proof of concept absorption studies, it was proven that the Hemp extract in Liposomal Solution acted several hours faster and reached up to 4 times higher plasma concentrations.*
As shown in a chart above, the absorption of CBD is faster and grater when delivered in the form of liposomal solution.* All this makes our liposomal cannabinoid formulations supreme versus traditional forms.

Proven by Nature.

We have matched the principles of Hemp extract rich in CBD with absorption and efficacy of liposomes. Combining natural ingredients to maintain natural balance works. Years of research and innovation were used to formulate efficiently absorbable formulations of hemp extract rich in CBD, which is central among other cannabinoids we use in our products to maintain normal function of the endocannabinoid system.* This delivers better results for healthy life and well-being.